Gallery cluttered with junk


Nov 28, 2012
I purchased the Nexus 7 32Gig and so far everything is just dandy. I do have one quirk that I am trying to work out. Background: I copied numerous documents, excel, powerpoint, program files. I did this so that I could almost used the tablet as my desktop PC on the go, using an OTG cable. The quirk is that when I go to gallery using the app pre installed I see tons of pictures from either the power points, or button jpgs from the program files. It looks like it scans the tablet and pulls up anything with a picture type extension and puts them in albums. At this time I don't actually have any personal photos on it so theoretically this app/folder/pointer should be empty? I do have the ability to delete jpgs et all from the gallery but I am concerned that it will delete them from the folder of the powerpoints, docs, and program files. Is there a way to point the gallery app to a designated folder? Or any other ideas on how to fix this?
Frederuco said:
Use your favorite file manager and create a blank file named .nomedia in the folders you want to protect.

Then the folder will be skipped for gallery (as well as other Google apps like Play Music)

It may take a reboot, or running the app RescanMedia before they disappear from Gallery.

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Can you use a file name called .Docs will that also be skipped. Does it have to be a filename with a . in front