generic flytouch wifi problem 7" 256 via 8505


Oct 29, 2010
I have the MID 7" with via 8505 chip, 2gb, 256.
I have tried several ROM's they work, but there is a problem with all of them.
the wifi connections seems to be very unstable. if there a way to boost up wifi connection, looks more like a hardware problem. what can be done ? any inputs.
could be the issue with internet security configuration try changing the router to "wpa2"
i did that.. one other person had in this forum had the problem of not connecting, changing to wpa2 corrected the problem. I did that. the tablet connects, works for sometime, but then disconnects on its own. then reconnects when it wants to and disconnects the same way.
i read somewhere that there is a freaking antenna inside which might be a problem, but i have no clue how to open this thing up.
if i win the 5th day of christmas tablet on this forum.. this one goes to chopping block.. internals will be hacked.. ;-)
I have the same problem. Wifi conection is very unestable with all the rooms i have installed. It is a hardware or a software problem?
Is there one solution for this?
yeah its hardware. same here. cheap quality . thats why ipad is $600 and ours $80
hi guys,

I also have the mid generic 7" tablet. I am very happy with it but I have problem:

At home I have a wap secured wlan network which works well. As I also want to go online when I am not at home, I downloaded on my Nokia x6, the light version of the app "JoikuSpot", which allows to share my 3G Connection via a OPEN wlan-network. The app works great, I tested it with my pc and my notebook. But the preinstalled wifi-manager says the network is not in Range. So I downloaded an alternative Wifi-Manager which "sees" the Network, but when I click on it and click conect it does nothing. I also tried with a "normal" open Network and the same problem occured.
Can anybody tell me, what the problem is?