Google Play Says: "Your device isn't compatible with this version."


Dec 3, 2012
I just got a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

I went to the Google Play store and tried to download the android counterparts of some of the apps in my iPhone 4S.

I was surprised to find that some of the apps are not available for my GT2. The Play store says:

"Your device isn't compatible with this version."

Is there a way to determine why my GT2 is not supported by these apps?

My guess: These apps need to access something that is only available on mobile phones (like the ability to make a phone call?)

Some of the apps that are not supported by my GT2:
CNN for Android Tablets (or for Android Phones)
Discover Mobile Real Estate Search

Thus far, none of the apps are really a problem. I can certainly reach mobile versions using the web browser.



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Dec 27, 2011
Your assumption re: phones is probably correct. It may indeed appear in the Store but if it was developed for a phone and doesn't work correctly on a tablet it will error out with a compatibility problem. In some cases there are some apps that will work on some tablets but not others, It's a combination of a Google and/or developer problems.


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Apr 23, 2011
Try to install another markets besides the play store, for example in my tab ², the play store would not allowed me to install Google earth, and some other apks, I found a good market to be 1 mobile market, just Google it and install into the tab, now I have viber installed and working perfectly on my tab and few others, bobsled also I couldn't install with the play store but it's there on the 1 market, also try to get other markets, maybe they would have the apks that you need and install them, I have the Wi-Fi version, so tango, viber, bobsled, and few other apks that the play store won't let me install, it's already install it over mine and working fine, even whatsapp and this is mainly for mobile phones

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Jun 4, 2013
Thanks for the TIP. It helped when trying to get a free Expense Manager program I have working on my Samsung Gal.Tab 7, but for whatever reason, I was getting that "not compatible" message on my ASUS Slider.

I've been going back n' forth with Google Support on this, but they still haven't figured out the problem.

However, in doing some searching/reading, I came across what might be causing the problem for those of us with some Tablets. I didn't perform the steps as outlined in the article, rather, took the route of the the 1Mobile Market, but the information in this post seems to point out some possibilities, which, I also forwarded to Google Support.

Android ? Google Play issue: ?your device isn?t compatible with this version? | Joey's Blog



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Nov 27, 2017
I had the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge after updating to Android Oreo, Some apps not working anymore. But after trying to uninstall the Google Play store updates, It worked like a charm for me.

I'm thankful to Megebyte who suggest me this useful guide with step by step image guide.