Google voice


Dec 27, 2010
Does anyone know of any Google voice app that allows you to make Google voice calls via "wifi" or "3G" instead of an actual cellular connection?
I notice that ipkall is free and the callcentric has a Freedom rate plan which is what the instructions tell you to get. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the Freedom rate plan is free and once i configure this properly will my calls/txts via google voice when im on wifi = free? or even on 3g?
You are correct this is free on WiFi or 3G. I just set this up last night on my s7 and I now have a working phone when I am connected by WiFi. Not sure if I will ever use it, but it is cool to be able to say this is now a working phone!
I use net talk, there's an app in the market

Hey i just downloaded netalk and setup and account and i was able to call my cell phone no porblem actually worked... however if i call any other number like my wifes cell which is on under my name in our family plan or house number it doesn't work. Just keeps ringing and stays on that "Dialing......" state where it is not actually dialing yet... when i call my cell phone it switches from dialing.. to "current call...." can it be that it only allows you to dial your own cell# to trick you? on getting your email add and phone # for SPAM etc?
Okay correction so here is what i discovered... If i choose to call someone from my contacts it just gets stuck in that "dialing.."state and never actually calls.... If goto the dialer and dial the number manually it actually makes the call and it works.. So when my cell phone worked when i called it was because i dialed it manually and not selected it from my contacts...

So basically right now the problem im having is i can call any number as long as i dial it manually, but if i want to choose one of my contacts for it to auto dial then it does not work.. seems to be a bug, because thats a feature built in to NetTalk... Anyways at least it works, thanks.
So I went ahead and tried the NetTalk and it was a lot easier to set up. The biggest difference between this and the other way that I was able to get to work is that unless I am missing something you can not get incoming calls with NetTalk. Personally not a big deal to me, I am not actually sure how my I will use my tablet for phone calls, but it is nice to have!

Also NetTalk is a lot smaller of a program than the other way, and as the s7 (until we get 2.2) has limited app space that makes it better option IMO.
i agee with you..i wouldn't need anyone to call it probably won't ever need to use it to call either, but just to have and u never know maybe i might need it at some point if my cell is dead and i have wifi and i need to make a call .... Just like having the capability :)