Jan 21, 2012
Hi I'm gee.
I've been lurking and learning for a while, my introduction to Android came in the form of a new Samsung phone, now I'm thinking to get a tablet :D

Thanks to you all so far for the useful and informative stuff I've picked up whilst lurking.
Hi, geefull, Spider seems to be missing at the moment so let me welcome you to the forum!
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Hi Gee, welcome to Android Tablets. It's nice that you decided to "officially" join us and become a member of the forum. As you may already know, the Android Tablet Discussions area is the best place on the forum for "shopping" advice. Click the link, and when you get there read the "Sticky" threads at the beginning. Then look through the ongoing discussions that interest you and ask any questions you have. Have fun shopping for that first tablet, you only get to do it once.:cool: