Happy Second Birthday Android! Turns Five Less Than Two Months After Turning Four


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Jan 5, 2011

When can something actually have two birthdays in the same year? It seems impossible unless you have some bizarre temporal paradox (which is also likely impossible). The answer to this fascinating riddle is that you can have two birthdays in the same year if you celebrate two different perspectives of what that birthday is. We can do precisely that with Andy the Android. This becomes obvious we one realizes that an Android device actually has two separate and distinct forms that are entirely dependent upon one another. You have the Android OS which is the software, but you also have an Android phone, which is the hardware. Both are useless without the other, thus Andy gets two birthdays!

The above video is from Google HQ in 2007.

In September of this year we celebrated the fourth birthday of the first Android hardware, the T-Mobile G1, which was announced September 23rd 2008. In 2007 on November 5th the Android OS was first announced by the Open Handset Alliance. Thus, we get an excuse to celebrate our favorite device all over again! Don't eat too much cake...

Happy birthday Android!!!

Thanks to Astrix for the tip!

Funny side-note: So, in relation to a human birth, does this riddle open up some interesting philosophical conundrums regarding the birthdate of the body versus the soul, or perhaps the date of conception versus the date we leave the womb?

By the way, we also want to take Andy's birthday as an opportunity to highlight our new dedicated sister-site @: Nexus4Forum.com!
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