Hello Everyone on androidtablets.net


Jan 15, 2011
Howdy folks.

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm from Saskatoon Saskatchewan in Canada and just got onto the tablet scene very recently. I was so impressed with my Samsung Galaxy Fascinate I picked up the Galaxy tab and currently have Wopad and a Herotab on the way from Asia.

I'm a 26 year old student at the university of Saskatchewan currently taking my second degree in computer science. I'll cut it short here before I make this sound like an online dating profile.

In closing I would just like to once again say hello to all the members of this community and that I look forward to learning more information on these lovely little devices and possibly contributing whenever I can.

Welcome to the forum and isnt where you live where that one guy was from in grown ups? the movie with adam sandler?
As far as I know I didnt think of of the cast of that movie were Canadian, the only movie that I know about that has any relation to Saskatchewan it self would be Just friends(2005) with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, and that was filmed in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Oh wait! Are you are referring to that gentlemen in the waterpark with the terrible speech impediment that kept pronouncing it Saskatchetoon, then yes I am from here.
yes that is the guy i am talking about haha does everyone speak like that there? jk i know they dont