Hello! Looking to upgrade - quick advice needed please!


Nov 10, 2011
Hi all,

Have been using android mobiles for a few years now and am currently using sony xperia arc. I'm looking to get a new tablet
over the next few weeks. Looking to spend £200/£300 uk. Have done the usual research but am having trouble finding anything
out about the following this link . I'm a bit concerned it maybe just an overclocked 1 ghz samsung and maybe unstable? Any advice
around this price bracket would be greatly recieved.
What i'll use it for are
web browsing
watching movies - not concerned about 1080p 720 is fine
e books

not interested in games.

Many thanks in advance
Hi, welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here as a member. The best place on the forum for "shopping" advice is the Android Tablet Discussions section, so I'm moving your thread over there where more people will see it and hopefully help you.