Hello! Need advice in Wallkill, Ny


Dec 13, 2010
Looking to buy my 15 yr old son a tablet. None of us here are android savy-in fact we know very little about this. My son needs something he can surf the web, play music, and do basic things as you would on a pc. We'll get into the apps and bigger stuff later:rolleyes:. There are sooooo many out there >I have no idea what to look for ,who's rated best(or at least worth the money)? I don't need the top of the line-as I said, he's only 15, but I do want something that's going to last and that works well.
Ive heard the sylvania 2.1 (new at toys r us /kmart ) is good , except the touch screen is too sensitive to use with fingers, and very low battery length,BUT also hear there's an app to improve that. Then I went on EBAY, and ther's a million other android tabs- I have no idea where to start or what to look for-Looking to not spend over $250. HELP !!!!PLEASE:).
Thanks all -Momma lawree


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Nov 26, 2010
Hey there mommalawree:

First off, welcome to the forum! Secondly I highly recommend that you check out the following threads:


mommalawree: If you could elaborate a bit on what features you would like the tablet to have, that would help out a bit. Such as:

Do you want the tablet to play 3D Games?
Do you want the tablet to be able to stream music/videos?
Do you want the tablet to have an advanced screen such as Capacitive (like the iPad) or a resistive screen?
Do you want the tablet to be able to play flash? As in flash videos, flash games etc..
Do you want the tablet to be 7", 8" 10"?

These are all questions (among some more) that you will need to answer to be able to have some give you suggestions on what to purchase.