Hello There! New Here!


Feb 5, 2012
Hi, I am very excited to be a member of this forum. I have been back and forth reading the threads about a possible product that I am looking to buy;The Lepan.

I own a Pandigital novel (the blue one) it runs android 1.5 and while it is a great e-reader.... I would like a e reader with a big screen for my textbooks next semester. I am willing to shell out the extra bucks for a nice one.I thought about hacking it, but instead I am going to give to my mother. She just wants to read on it,and that's one of its great main functions.

I look forward to posting and replying to many threads on here. :D
Hi, welcome to Android Tablets. We're glad you decided to become a new member of the forum. If you do decide on the Le Pan tablet, we have a Le Pan Tablets forum dedicated to that tablet. There's also a nice group of folks there waiting to welcome you and give you whatever help or information you may need for the tablet. Just click that link and you'll be magically transported there. Good luck and enjoy the forum!