New here


Sep 3, 2011
Hi everyone, I'm Marc. I have a White Pandigital Novel e-reader that I unlocked last year. I came here because I was banned from SlateDroid for giving a guy advice that an admin didn't like and I voiced my opinion about it. I'm not a noob to Droid, so hopefully I can be of some use to those of you with questions. Also, I don't sugar coat anything so if I come off like a (insert your choice of explitive here) then deal with it. Hopefully the Mods and Admins here aren't little girls like the ones at SLD.

Other than that, I like long walks on the beach, drinking red wine and listening to soft rock.
Hi Marc, welcome to the forum. As long as you abide by the we won't have a problem.:) However, if you come off like a (insert your choice of explitive here) then we will deal with it. You've got a fresh start, make the most of it.

Spider, I apologize for already getting off on the wrong foot. I've had a couple of adult beverages and I was pretty miffed about getting banned from that other place. What I really mean is please pardon any offense I may commit as I don't mean anyone harm. I'm no stranger to the world of internet forums and believe me I know you have to take everyone's opinion, including mine, with a grain of salt.
Much better. When those beverages wear off come back on line ready to be of some use to those of us with questions. :cool: