Aug 26, 2010
Hello all my name is Marc and I am in the Army. I am an instructor and I teach the repair of X-Ray systems to Army, Air Force and Navy students. I just received today my first Android product the E7002. It is charging now but I can't wait to get it on and start learning the system. If all goes well I plan on buying a 10" tablet later. I am glad I found this site because I would have never known where to get a tablet without getting ripped off or which to buy. This forum is a wealth of information and I am now spending several hours a day reading all I can to get up to speed.
Welcome aboard, good to have you! I spend lots of time reading too. I don't have a tablet yet, haven't decided on one yet. I might go with an Archos 70 or 101. Not sure yet. Let us know your impressions once you start messing with your tab!