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Aug 23, 2011
Hi everyone. I'm Brian aka Synaptic Flow, which is my music production and techno dj alias.

I'm on my second android phone and just bought my first android tablet today. I got the Coby Kyros MID7022 (which is what I had originally wanted) but I went out and bought it as an anger/revenge buy after Barnes and Noble cancelled my 3 HP Touchpads that I ordered.

My needs and wants in a tablet are probably the most simple of anyone on this site. I only want to surf the net, do my facebook and email. I want to listen to my music and watch my movies that I have. I want to get it to play flash. There aren't a great deal of apps I am crazy about and I know nothing about rooting. My new phone is rooted but someone else did that.

So why am I here? I'm here to learn from you why, what and how I should use me tablet. If I should root, why, etc... Can I be completely satisfied without rooting? I haven't even opened the box yet. I'm kind of scared to, but excited at the same time. I just can't afford to do anything to it that will mess it up.

Obviously I have a lot to learn. I hope I can find some patient and understanding help here.


Hi Brian, welcome to the forum. Your needs and wants in a tablet are much more common than you might think. They're also realistic and for that reason I predict you'll be happy with your tablet.:)
Well I am finally over the HP Touchpad blues and will crack open my MID7022 tonight. I have browsed the forums and think that the only thing I will do for now is add flash to it and maybe try to install some apps without the android market. Then I will put my thoughts in the appropriate forum spot.