HELP please Kyros MID7012


Dec 31, 2011
I'm sorry in advance for any stupidnes that might come across while I'm asking for help. I've read many posts about how to get Market on my Coby Kyros MID7012. I first followed these instructions: - Copy and paste this into Google "" without quotes. Download that file and unzip it.

- Connect your device to your computer like I mentioned earlier and copy the following files over to your MID7012:
Gmail.apk (you may be prompted to install the update possibly)
Vending.apk (this is the market)

I installed those files because the tutorial said to.

- Disconnect the device safely from your computer.

- Go register yourself a Gmail account. I made one specifically for this device such as [email protected].. whatever floats your boat.

- Boot up the MID7012 and go to the desktop. You will see a button with 16 little dots to the right I believe. Hit that and go into APK Installer. Install the first 5 apps listed above.

- Go back to where you found the APK Installer. You will see a Gmail app. Use it to connect to that email account and password you setup earlier.

- Now go install vending and market update.

Bam! Done. Worked for me.

Well NOT for me it didnt! :(

Well yesterday I didnt read it clearly enough to only install the first 5 first, so I installed the updater and then I went to install Market it said it was not installed...

So thought I would try again Tonight I decided to redownload on my computer and recopy files, so now of course I have duplicated because I'm new and dont know if I can remove the previous ones or not, because I tried with no success. But this time I got gmail working and a calerndar came up.. restarted it after doing certain steps like it states above, but again the Market will not install...
Please Help!

First can I get duplicate files off? What did I do wrong..yikes and what is not letting market install?? I wish I could start all over from scratch, but cant figure out how to get all the files from the APK installer off. NOTE: before I insstall anything the APK installer had nothing in it.

Thanks a million :)


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Sep 12, 2011
I don't remember seeing these instructions here in this forum (AndroidTablets) and they don't see correct either. First, it's an old version of Gapps, and your tablet run Android 2.3, right? It would require a newer version of the files to work, AFAIK.

Either look for a tutorial created specifically for 7012, or just forget about it and install GetJar, SlideME and 1Mobile. If you need to buy apps, etc and you're in the USA, you can also install Amazon apps maket. Simpy use the built-in browser to download their market apps and install them. You will find almost anything you'd find on Android Market using these 4 alternatives.