Perfect Viewer for Coby Kyros MID7012


Jan 9, 2012
Hello. I've been looking for a well priced tablet to read CBR comic files on. I noticed the Cory Kyros MID7012. I was told that it runs on Android and that Perfect Viewer works well for reading CBR files. I do have some qestions about it though.

1) How easy is it to download and install an app on Kyros? I've never done this before
2) Is it easy to connect the tablet to your PC and can you drag/drop the CBR files onto it?
3) How does the files look on Perfect Viewer for this tablet? I assume it's in color but is the text hard to read? Do you have to zoom in to read the text or can it be read as a full page?
4) IS the Kyros a reliable tablet?