Help Please : Windows 7 drivers for aPad /ePad/cheapPad


Nov 24, 2010
Hello everyone, I hope you can help.

I just brought one of these so that I cat try out development for the Android market
7" Android 2.1 OS WiFi Touch EPad Tablet PC MID 3G 3D on eBay (end time 04-Dec-10 04:30:31 GMT)

Its not bad, pretty cheap but all I want to do is deploy to it.

The problem is, when I plug it in to Windows 7, it cant find a driver for the device (comes up as Android eclair).

As I am not sure who makes it (HaiPad? aPad?) I cant seem to track down a driver for it anywhere?

Can anyone help?


Apr 10, 2011
Hi, I know this post was started awhile ago but please help. I am a complete beginner and have ordered the same thing, a zenithink of ebay. Please help. Things like 'when I connected it to win 7' do you mean you put the install disk in a cdrom drive attached the the tablet?

I basically need a step by step. Also now you have it working, is the battery decreased at all?

Obviously I directed this post at the person that started it but help from anyone will be very much appreciated. Just keep it simple please. Thanks.:cool: