Help please


May 7, 2012
hello guys.. please i need your help

i have a MID tablet 9.7 google android "chinese"

with version 2.2, kernel
build number: generic-eng 2.2
Froyo v1.5.6-20111206

i tried to rom it to turn it to Uberoid but seems a wronge rom or something... after all i put the sd in the tablet and it type Uberoid on the screen and thats all..

some times just a black screen with nothing..

i just bought the tablet few days ago :-(((

can i get back to the older version ?? or is there any hope to have it work ??

please i approciate your help

I can't really answer your questions, but it seems to me that for a tablet bought a few days ago Froyo v. 1.5.6 is a pretty old OS and you may find it difficult to upgrade. No doubt someone more knowledgeable will come along later and set you on the right track.