Help - speakers and headphones are playing audio at the same time on Zenithink 180


Jun 20, 2011
I have had a Zenithink 180 tablet with Android 2.2 for several months. I use it alot for watching videos. Recently when I plugged the headphones in there was still sound coming from the speakers as well.THis had never happened before but now seems to happen all the time and the headphones are working fine. I have unplugged them, replugged them, checked the connections, tested the headphones in a different device, tried it with different headphones and still the same.

Has anyone any idea how to fix this???? It is driving me (and my partner) nuts!!:confused:
Not sure if this is still a problem for you as your post is quite old now. I am using a Zenithink C71 with Android 403 and having a similar problem with routing audio. See my earlier posts. In my case the audio is supposed to be coming through the bluetooth headphones but comes through the tablet speakers. Maybe this is a Zenithink issue rather than an Android issue as I had supposed? We need some feedback from the manufacturers but I have been unable to contact them, emails to their website get blocked (as a political act done by the state? as an unintended effect caused by some technical glitch? I have no idea). If anyone reading this represents Zenithink then I would appreciate some response from you to your customers' concerns. Anyway, android46, just to let you know you are not alone in having problems and I for one am actively looking for solutions. Hope this comforts you (and your partner) although I realise it doesn't solve the problem ;-) Best wishes, Gero