How to Route Audio Through Bluetooth Headphones on Zenithink C71 running Android 403


Feb 25, 2012
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I have added bluetooth to my Zenithink C71 ICS tablet with an adapter/bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth works fine for data transfer but there are problems playing audio through my bluetooth headphones. The headphones are paired and connected and the software claims they are playing media audio however the sound still comes through the tablet speakers and no audio through the headphones. I think I need a software solution to manage the routing of audio playback so it comes through the headphones or speaker according to my choice i.e. via bluetooth headphones when bluetooth dongle is in use and through speakers or wired earphones at other times. Anyone else having similar problems? Anyone with any ideas about a possible solution? I am hoping there is a wonder-app 'out there' I can download and it will solve the problem effortlessly but I suspect I may have to get my hands dirty and write my own app. If I have to write my own app is there anyone else interested in collaborating on the project -- I've never written for Android before and I would like some assistance to at least get me started in the right direction. Many thanks for any help, comments, suggestions on this topic.

Best wishes, Gero