Hey everyone, quick question.


Jun 13, 2010
I've been looking at building a carputer for a few years, compiling parts here and there.

Had an interesting discussion in a parking lot with someone who's been on the same odyssey, and if it weren't for fitment issues he would have seriously considered embedding an ipad.

As much as I hate apple, I did consider it until I stumbled across "android tablets at computex." I've been using an android phone (the mytouch 3g) for many of the applications I had hoped to implement in the computer, but the limited power makes things seriously slow down when I multitask. Hacking android on to unsupported hardware is problematic to impossible.

So this looks like the silver bullet.

Are there tablets or MIDs that have cellular data (usb dongle support would be best, so I can use it with a proper lappy as well), and a gps reciever?
I have a Samsung Q1U as my carputer and one of my PMPs as a pseudo Carputer. The issue for a Carputer is function. I am not sure what you use yours for, But here are my primary use items.
Video Player- Can Android do this? Check
MP3 Player- Can Android do this? Check
GPS - Can Android do this? Some Can, Some cannot
3G Internet and in car WLAN AP - Can Android do this? Only if the Tablet is 3G cabable, BUT it cannot be a Car WLAN AP

I think most have not really gone that bleeding edge. I think the biggest problems the current Android tablets face as a Carputer is Heat and Interface.
The Heat issue is huge if you live in a warm climate. Most Tablets do not have any cooling/venting. Expect it to have a very short life span.
The Interface is the other problem. There is no way to remote it like placing it under a seat, or the back like some Carputers.

Become real bleeding edge, Experiment and let us know what you discover

Best of luck