Hi All


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Dec 27, 2011
I am new here I signed up a while back in anticipation of getting my hands on a Nook Color after the Holidays. Santa & my sweetie were kind & provided a Nook Tablet under the tree. It is rooted and I've been successful in getting the apps I want installed and running. Looking forward to sharing.

Now it is time to relax & enjoy it.
Hello George, welcome aboard and congratulations on the new Tablet. Nice gift, much better that a necktie or some socks.:eek: Looks like you've already done a bit of work on the Tablet, so you've earned the right to relax & enjoy it. When you're ready to get to work, we'll be looking for you over in the Nook Tablet section. It's nice that you're looking forward to sharing, that's what makes the forum work. Have fun with the Tablet!
Very nice! (The NC was on my short list, but I hit the jackpot at Best Buy's Black Friday sale.)

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