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Dec 16, 2010
Just found this forum today - Wow there is a ton of info on here but I still haven't found exactly what I am looking for. I am not an up to date techie to say. Technology changes so quickly I can not keep up with it......with that being said I need advise on which tablet to purchase. This would be for my husband who loves his IPod Touch, he plays games and uses it for the internet. I use my IPod to watch movies and store photos, so I would need a tablet that has apps, games, internet, movies (and books would be a plus). Any suggestions would be great since I am completely clueless. I want a tablet that does not cost an arm and a leg like the IPad does.

Thanks !! :D


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Nov 26, 2010
Hi there kendkoll:

Welcome to the forum, for starters. Secondly... what kind of price range are you looking at to spend on the tablet for your husband? If you are able to (price wise), since he loves his iPod Touch... you might want to consider a "Capacitive" screen, which is what the IPod Touch uses. If you get him a tablet with a restive screen, he might be a bit disappointed.

Good luck and if you need any help... just ask :)_