Greetings! What kind of tablet might suit me?


Oct 23, 2010
Found this site while researching Android tablets. I didn't even know they existed until I stumbled across one for sale locally a few days ago.

Anyways, it really caught my interest because I was considering buying a laptop, but this would do everything I need while being cheaper and generally more fun. :cool:

All I need is something to access internet for article reading, homework (need Flash, so 2.2 correct?) maybe some e-book reading (never tried it before), videos & games and general web browsing. I'm not a huge techie trying to unlock the latest and greatest in software design, so hacking and whatever doesn't interest me. Cheaper the better :p

Google market would be cool, but I know that's a long shot in most of these things.

Where should I start?

Thanks for the forum! Seems like a great place to be.