Hi My Name Is...


Jun 7, 2010
Kelvin and I am an Android addict too. :lol:

Used to have a HTC Magic but it was painful to use as the processor was too slow and there wasn't enough memory. So I got rid of it and brought a Nokia X6. The X6 is a great phone and camera but as a touch based device it is useless. The Ovi store is full of absolute rubbish, not a patch on Android Market. I have started to miss it entirely! I like the X6 as a phone but want my Android back!

Played with an iPod touch and want something similar running android. Looked at the Archos 5, like the idea, but want a capacitive touchscreen not a resistive. Although liking the idea of the MSI Windpad at 10". Pocketable would be better tho :lol:

So that is me, waiting for all the companies to actually start releasing these tablets...


Jul 3, 2010
Welcome to the forums Smartroad, looks like you've got a good start on knowing what to look for! hope to hear some good comments from you over the coming weeks!