Looking for Android pocket tablet/touch mp3 player


Jul 25, 2010

I'm looking for a portable tablet or touch screen mp3 player that runs android. I'm essentially looking for an ipod touch equivalent, but with a few specific details:

-Must have wifi and bluetooth
-Must be able to play standard/popular multimedia
-Around 5 or 6" diagonally (Something pocket sized)
-Minimalistic buttons (Pretty much just a touch screen, like the ipod touch)
-Must be running/compatible with Android
-$200 - $400

The reason I'm looking for a portable Android tablet is because I wish to tinker with making apps. I'd like to try to make an app that would use bluetooth to communicate with electronics or at least with my computers. Since you can't make apps for the ipod touch without apple sucking your blood, the open source policy of Android would allow me to make apps and load them to my device as I please.

Also, I don't have a portable multimedia player, so that's a bonus.

I don't have a good perspective on hardware/speed for portable devices. However, I don't think I require anything too fancy. Just as long as it can play videos and run simple apps. I think the specs of an ipod touch or better would be good. I've been looking at the Archos 5 series (the internet tablet has bluetooth). The not yet released Creative Egg Plaszma, but these are for branding or something, I'm not sure what's going on. There a few HTCs. Samsung is coming out with Galaxy S, but I think that a smartphone.

On the subject of smartphones, I'd imagine you can get one as a portable media player, and just ignore the phone features? Like the Nexus One or something similar?

Anyway, if you could recommend anything, and your reasoning behind it, I would greatly appreciate the help!