How do you play video on an Android Tablet? need some help please


Jul 29, 2010
Hey guys, I just bought an Irobot android tablet. 7" screen - 256mb ram - via8505 cpu - android 1.7.4.

Im trying to convert my divx collection to view on my tablet, but I cant seem to figure out why they are not playing. Im seriously stressed out over this, Ive triied MP4 with h264 and mpeg-4 codec, but nothing is working. I triied different resolutions 320 all the way up to 800. All I get is audio, with a black screen. Sometimes the video will play for about 1 second and then freeze up as the audio continues. Is it a problem with the android itself?

If anybody has any advice Id appreciate it if you could help me out. It was my understanding that this tablet could play 720p HD vids, but i havent even seen it play a single video yet.
have you tried downloading rockplayer from the market? it plays divx movies so you dont even have to convert them i havent tried installing it on that tablet yet but its worth a try
I'll try that and report back. thanks for the tip!

Edit: Im not able to get it from the market because thats another problem. My downloads stay stuck on "downloading" when I try to get them from there. I was able to find rockplayer from another source though, I tried it and still a no go. :\
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bummer, i will look more into it tonight and get back to you if you dont have it a solution for it before then
OK so i looked into it just for a little but and i did a video to play what i was use any video converter to convert the video (which i recommend) to mp4 and i selected the lowest quality one which is 160x112 and it looks like it stalls at first for like a second but then it plays all the way through, i ran it through two different video players the native one which it worked but the sound seemed to be way off and i also tried "video player" from the market and the sound seemed to be on a little bit better but still off. i will work on it more when i have time but thats one way to play videos. let me know if it works for you
Your VIA WM8505 has next to no support for video formats. You are stuck with low quality videos as suggested by prob
Okay thanks guys. Yeah I got it working now that I realize the videos I encode cant be HD or even HQ. If I set the resolution super low it at least functions as a movie player. Still for $100 and the ability to surf the web with it, and use it as an ebook reader I think its well worth it.
two4one what were the settings you used for encode. i am having same issue with my tablet!
I got mine to play video if I set it to 320x240 3GP video. Blech. Stuttery, pixelated as hell, not worth it. I'm so disappointed with this POS tablet I bought. Although, I guess for $75 I got my moneys worth.