How to do update firmware Update


Aug 14, 2010
any body can help me how to do went you have the 1.7.4 in rar how to install in Eken M001
unrar...copy the entire script folder to a blank SD card. plug your tablet in but make sure it is powered off. put in the sd card. turn unit on and leave it plugged in. follow the on screen prompts when it tells you remove the sd card.
and you want to be careful what you use to unzip, it is suggested you use 7zip which is freeware and can be downloaded here 7-Zip
Is there any sites out here that are dedicated to cooked roms for these tablets? I sense that there's a huge untapped resource out there for cool innovative stuff with these gadgets, but damned if I can find anything out and about concerning it. Thanks for any help on this.

UPDATE::: Lost my menu button functionality after flashing to this ROM. I thought it was for the device I have, I guess I was wrong. Anyone know how to tell the difference between the various types?
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