How to factory reset after a "Too many pattern attempts!" - i-Nix NTB-701


Jan 29, 2013
Hi. I was given an i-Nix NTB-710 AllWinner A13 (Android Jelly Bean) tablet by my brother-in-law. Recently my kid tried to decipher the pattern lock but unfortunately it came to the point where Android is now asking me for the google username and password. I googled for some guidance on this and I read that this is a bug with Android. Followed all suggestions on how to fix, which finally left me with the suggestion of doing a factory reset.

The thing is doing all key combinations to go to recovery mode does not seem to work on my device. No recovery menu appears after the Android logo with triangle. There is a reset button on the side of the device (where I use a small pin to push the button) but all it does is boot normally back to the screen asking me for the google username and password.

Anyone out there who has encountered this before? Or is there any other way to factory reset?


Oct 16, 2012
Hi 2791TU. So get the username and password from your brother in law, is there a problem with that? Attempted deciphering of the pattern lock will lock you out of the device after a set number of tries so then the user name and password are entered to get past that, it's not a "bug". You should contact the manufacturer to see what you're doing wrong with the reset sequence, the contact address should be in the manual that came with the tablet. Good luck.