Need Help With A13 Factory Reset


Apr 15, 2013
I purchased a Huitong Q88A A13 from ************* and set a password pattern on the device. My son tried too many incorrect attempts and the tablet will immediately go to a screen that says "Too many pattern attempts". It then asks me to use the google account to unlock the device. I enter in the correct username and password - the one I set up with the tablet and it does not work. It says invalid username/combination. I have verified on and the username and password are correct and have never been changed from when I set them up yesterday.

I would like to just do a factory reset - however there is no factory reset button below the microphone hole. Also when I hold the volume up button when turning the device on I can get the picture of the android laying on its side with the red exclamation mark - however no combination of buttons pressed after that get me to the actual factory reset menu. I need to find out how to do a factory reset on a Huitong Q88A A13 tablet.

Also I did not enable USB debugging so I am not able to access the tablet from my pc when I plug the tablet in to the PC via the usb cable.

Please tell me if anyone knows how to do a factory reset with a 4.0.1 ICS A13.



Jul 16, 2011
Just for the sake of clarity... when you attempt to go thru Google to re-enable the tablet, are you using your NORMAL GOOGLE account/password, or something else?