How to factory reset an IdolPad + ??


Dec 30, 2012
Hi all -

I've been given an IdolPad +
It has a broken screen, but does still work, so I'm leaving that alone for now..

The original owner had a PIN locking it, and after he put it away for a few months after breakage,
forgot what that was, so I can't get into it.

I've tried Menu and Power together, and a couple of times, that got me a screen
with an Android with a door open and a red triangle.
So that was some sort of mode (recovery?)

But I didn't know any other key sequences to try to get into a menu where factory reset might be.

I found the Idolpad Touch instructions, which seem to show a factory reset off a recovery menu.
But those don't work for the IdolPad+

Anyone know how to fact-reset this thing?