How To Install Opensuse-arm-xfce-12.3 On Lenovo A3000 Tab


Senior Member
Jan 31, 2013
Sir recently I have bought Lenovo A3000 tab which is having android version 4.2.2 and 16 GB internal memory, 1.2 giga hertz quad core processor and 1GB ram.

I want to use opensuse on my tab so I have downloaded the file opensuse-arm-xfce-12.3.tar.xz I have extracted successfully it and found .IMG file and file.

Kindly suggest how to install the above os in my tab with dual booting ie., opensuse and android.

I am expecting the two operating systems to be on 16 GB internal memory and so suggest how to partition the internal memory.

I have searched the net and followed the procedure which is too difficult to understand even though I have performed some of the steps like becoming root, installing busy box,complete Linux installer etc.,.

when I launch the complete Linux installer app it is showing message as unable to mount the image loop device not working.