How to make the Sumas SMT-708PAD screen response much better (and other hacks)!


Apr 9, 2012
I have a Sumas SMT-708PAD, which is great once modified. The tablet functions as advertised. There was some software update issues, as Sumas Media has addressed with detailed instructions.

I had two issues with the unit beyond the market update:

1. The unit is set to Chinese Telecom and does not have a 3G modem, although I hear you can buy one as an accessory. Since I do not make phone calls, I first changed the option to Verizon, then decided to remove that function all together. I did this using Eclipse with the Android 2.2 SDK, Some Java knowledge required. Now I do not get the annoying 3G icon with no service...

I found the hack needed using this forum. As memory serves, it was the WonderMedia style tablet instructions I followed. Of course, the tablet needs to be rooted to do all that.

2. The screen had some sensitivity issues, or better put, lack of sensitivity. Upon receiving the unit, I removed the protective film from the front (as one should), but still, terrible response.

Upon further inspection, I notice that the screen (and most importantly, the digitizer located on top of the screen) was recessed into the body of the tablet about 1/2 mm. Totally voiding any warranty, I carefully peeled the front of the tablet off (it is a thick plastic sheet glued to the body at the edges). Using a sharp Exacto knife, I cut out the clear part of this plastic sheet plus another MM around the perimeter of the clear window. The glue is sticky enough where once done with your modification, you can simply put the plastic sheet back onto the tablet without any other adhesive. Now the screen is as responsive as my DroidX, and makes the experience using this tablet much better, albeit "a little rough around the edges".

If Sumas were to put a piece of cardboard or something behind the screen to raise it a little, <I think> the issues with screen responsiveness would be resolved. Maybe if one were to put a piece of card stock behind the screen without cutting the protective cover to see if it helps? I am convinced that exposing the digitizer raw as I have is not a wise idea.

On another thought, I should have removed the screen to determine if either the wireless antenna is disconnected or simply not present. If someone else does remove the plastic face on their Sumas SMT-708PAD, could you verify the existence of that wireless antenna?

I hope this helps others who have purchased this cheap tablet&#8230;
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