Make your own SuperPAD Screen Protector


Jan 4, 2011
My god, $14 to $35 each for a piece of clear 3M urethane film is ridiculous. If you can live with something that is not crystal clear, try this idea.

Go to your local Staples or Office Depot and get a roll of "Con-Tact Brand" Clear Cover material. It comes in an 18" x 9' roll ($3) and is made by Kittrich Corp.

You will also need a Philips "Screen Cleaning Gel" kit ($10) for plasma and LCD screens (Wal-Mart Electronic Dept.) and a package (3 ea.) of "Microfiber Finish Towels" ($5) for lint free polishing (Wal-Mart Auto Accessories Dept.) Also, pick up a box-cutter knife or exacto-knife and some latex gloves at Wal-Mart or a Walgreens pharmacy.

OK, now you have everything you need to make an acceptable homemade screen protector for your SuperPAD, Flytouch 2 or any other Tablet PC.

For the 10" SuperPAD, using the ruler lines on the Contact-Brand film, cut a piece 5-1/4" X 9-1/4".

Clean the screen of your SuperPAD (or other Tablet PC) with the Philips Cleaning Gel and a Microfiber Finish towel. Buff the screen to remove any lint with the fine microfiber towel that comes with the cleaning Gel.

Wash your hands and put on a pair of latex gloves so you do not get any fingerprints on the film adhesive when you peel the masking off. Peel the masking from the cut piece of film and apply it to the screen of the SuperPAD. Work out any bubbles from center to the closes edge.

OK, you’re done. It's not crystal clear, but it will work. If anyone can find a more crystal clear and cheap protective film, please let me know.


Oct 15, 2010
I bought some cheap clone matte screen protectors for the iPad at SGD8 = USD6 approx.
Applied it, following instructions below:

Note the bit about using sticky tape - really important.

The difference for me is that I used an exacto knife to carefully trim/cut the excess film after application.

Works pretty good except that the hole on the Ipad protector makes it a little bit short but I can live with that.
The results are very satisfying - it even makes a couple of shallow scratches already incurred practically invisible!
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