How to Perform Factory Upgrade with native "System Update" App


Jan 4, 2011
I have successfully updated my SuperPAD from Firmware: deb-r2.1.1170 to Firmware: deb-r2.1.1561 and it only took 15 minutes, eight (8) minutes to download at 54 bps and seven minutes to install the downloaded "" file. It was a completely automatic factory upgrade using the on-board "System Update" app.

I know my proceedure is probably overkill, but I wanted to remove any possibility of a glitch in that factory supported proceedures from China are virtually non-existent.

Here we go with the step by step:

How to do an Automatic Factory Update on the SuperPAD

1. Find and Record (write it down!) your Registration Code (Settings -> About Device -> Certification).
2. Connect a really good USB WIFI Adapter (Rokland N3) to USB Port #1 (Upper Most).
3. If you do not have it, download “MyBackup Pro” (no rooting required) from The Market.
4. From The Market run any “Updates” being shown for your Apps.
5. Turn “Off” Email Notifications (Email -> Menu -> Settings -> Email Notifications).
6. Turn “Off” the GPS (Settings -> Location & Security)
7. Force Stop any running applications (Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications)
8. Except for “Android Keyboard” and “UpdateService”; Stop all other running services (Settings -> Applications -> Running Services).
9. Using your normally installed SD Card in Slot #1 (Top-most slot, between the Two USB Ports); run a Backup of Apps and Data and then remove the SD Card.
10. Again, using Slot #1, insert another dedicated “Backup Only” SD Card; backup Apps and Data to it as insurance against possible loss of the initial backup you made to your other SD card.
11. Remove the upper slot SD Card (Top-most slot, between the Two USB Ports).
12. Remove any installed lower slot SD Card (Bottom-most slot, between USB and HDMI Ports).
13. Connect Battery Charger to SuperPAD.
14. Set screen (Settings -> Sound & Display Settings -> Screen Timeout) to “Never” time out.
15. Reduce screen brightness to “Med” (Optional unless not charging battery).
16. Choose your “System Update” app. Note: If the download “Fails”, try at least two more times before giving up. It will take about seven (7) minutes to do the Install (Three Auto-Restarts). When auto-install is finished, select “Setup Wizard” to go to Desktop.
17. You will need to re-enter the registration code. Mine would not install the original code, said it was “already in use”. I Need to request a new registration code from vendor.
18. Go to The Market and download “MyBackup Pro” again so you can “Restore” your apps and data from the SD Card backup.
19. Go to Settings -> Applications -> and then “Check” to activate “Unknown Sources”.
20. Restore the Apps and Data from your backup SD Card, in Slot #1.
21. Go to Settings -> Applications -> and then De-activate “Unknown Sources”.
22. Upgrade is Complete.

Hope this is helpful.
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Guess What?

Now I appreciate first-hand the points raised by many others about trying to work with China Computer sellers over warranty and other issues, here is the reply I just got for a replacement SuperPAD Registration Code request after the Firmware: deb-r2.1.1561 upgrade installation would not accept my original Registration Code:

Thank you for shopping with *****************

We would like to help but we are unable yo provide you with a new code. We just have the original code when your item was produced.We are sorry for this.

Is there anything else we can do for you?


Customer Care from LightInTheBox

I am less than happy with this response. However, the new info about the Flytouch 3 indicates "no need for the annoying registration number". Hope this is correct as I like the product.