How to play avi from pc to tablet ie streaming


Nov 24, 2010
I have been trying for ages and googling all forums and with no luck untill now. I have two tablets each with different firmwarw one was #121 and other #142.
if i tried to add a server through lan on es explorer on #121 i had to do it manually and it would never work whetever the settings, but on #142 when you go to add server there is a search button and it serches succesfully and finds my pc. all I need to do is put in my username and login that i use for my pc.
Success, now i could find all my lovely avi files put low and behold it would not play any until i found pinochio. This video was the same codec as the others same bit rate etc so why did this play??
It plays because the file extension .avi is in capitals . AVI so i renamed the rest on my pc and viola all sorted.
I did try this with the android official hiapad2.2 version but i could not get the menu option up in file explorer to add a server.
Any way to may your avi's play through es explorer rename the extension to .AVI not .avi

ps. Also for some reason i need to have an sd card in the slot other wise it wont play either.
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