Huawei S7 Tablet Hard Reset?


Feb 3, 2012
can anyone please help me i just tryed updating my telstra t tab to android 2.2 all was good till i tryed to turn the device back on now it seems like its dead it just wont power on at all. i just brought it today aswell and telstra wont help me typical. anyone had this prob can please help email me at


Apr 13, 2012
I will donate $50 to the firs person that can tell me how to reset this tablet to factory default settings in a language I will understand.
I bought it off of and I messed with the unlock pattern and did it wrong to many times and now it wants the email account and password of someones account other then mine. I need this tablet reset. I can not get anything to come up other then the email screen. There has to be a buttn pushing combo to get this thing to reset but it eludes me.
This is $50 to your beer fund for the answer.

For model Huawei ideos s7 slim is very simple, just need power off the device, so you hold (Volume down + Power), around 1 minute or Ideos Logo appear, so you unpress both buttons, and device will start automaticaly wipe. It will restart without any password question.
Someone want donate? message me kkk thanks.