i-Pad replacement


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Aug 14, 2016
I have an I-pad. When it was new it was a good device, syncing files with Windows was a problem, trying to wrestle with i-tunes, but this was resolved through the use of goodsync.
However with successive releases of IOS the i-pad is becoming more and more difficult to use.
For instance, with a previous release of IOS I could copy on a CD and select individual tracks for use in my french class. With the latest IOS upgrade I can only play from the beginning. Often I can't even find the CD. With each upgrade things which used to work are ceasing to function.

I am looking for an Android device that will work better in conjunction with the Windows environment. I have Windows 7, 8 and 10. My requirements are as follows:-

Transfer files via USB.
File management UI (files structure, directories, ie something like Windows explorer).
Outlook sync (including calendar, notes and contacts).
Battery (reasonable life between charges).
Add-on storage (SD card up to 8GB minimum, preferably more).
Music-ability (starting with mid tracks, skip forward or backward "n" tracks).
User controlled backup to USB, SD or Network.
Keyboard connectability (have a Logitech but prepared to get another)
Kindle app
Budget around £300 (cheaper if possible)
9"-10" preferrable for ease of reading
g-sensor so screen can be rotated for portrait/landscape use
WiFi for internet via router or access point.
LAN connection for home router use nice, but not essential.
No experience of Android, but long time PC user (since DOS).
UK resident, uses Amazon et-al on line purchase.
no requirement for gps, or Adobe flash.

Can anyone recommend an Android notepad/notebook that can meet most of these requirements?