Ibex SuperPad 3 / Flytouch 3 memory issues ?


Aug 25, 2011
[h=2]Android 2.2 memory allocation[/h]
Why is it so difficult to find a 'generic' Chinese tablet with 1Gb Ram, except for the big names like Samsung, Motorola etc.
I own a rooted Viewsonic Viewpad 7, Android 2.2, 512Mb Ram, GPS, 3G. I have never past, present/futures used any other Android device. It seem like every app I install (to SD card) also takes up space on the RAM. I am using App2SD, AppCacheCleaner. Apps install on SD Card but it seem like every app uses up Ram (even the ones installed on SD). Getting 'not enough space/memory' messages is regular occurance. I know the difference between RAM and SD memory.

1. Is the installation and running of Android (multiple, multitasking) apps limited by the amount of base RAM ? Or is this just a bug in the specific Android tablet I own ?

2. How does Android 2.2 devices (like the flypad/superpad 3) handle on-board memory ? The advertised 512mb RAM and 4/8/16Gb buil-in memory ?

3. Would a Android 3.1 pad with 512Mb be able to install apps to the extended memory area without the dreaded 'out of memory' or 'out of space' messages ? In other words, would one be able to run/install as many apps as there is memory (also SD memory) available ?

I see lots of tablets advertised, 99,9% of them with 512Mb ram. The reason I wanna buy another tablet is because I am frustrated with getting the out of memory messages on my Viewpad 7. I would buy another 512mb tablet if I know that I am not going to have the same frustrataing memory issues. To avoid memory issues I am looking for a tablet with 1Gb Ram + GPS, 10.1" preferred, 3G preferred, Android 3.1+ and decent battery life. Can you recommend one for up to $280-$300 from a reputeable (Chinese) dealer ? Preferably less. I am in South Africa.

I have this tablet in mind, but it only has 512Mb ram + 8Gb SD card. Am I going to have memory issues with another 512mb device, or is tje memory problem unique to the Viewsonic Viepad ?​