Icon Top right of screen????


Jan 14, 2011
I guess its the information icon that drops and shows you tasks. I think its annoying, but anyways. Under the task as soon as I turn it on are those all the things running? If it is I'm ok with SetCPU,CacheMate,and the superuser running but it shows email,messaging,skype, & gmail. Are all these things running? To shut them down I guess I just have to hit the (X)?
This Icon also lets you mount your sd cards to your computer so you can load stuff right to the cards and see what's on them. That's on the left side of the screen. Took me 2 days to finally " get this mounting of cards thing." If you don't mount the cards your computer can't see them.
That I knew cause I have an EVO 4g and its the same way on mounting the cards. What about the other side tasks thats what I'm looking for, thanks for helping though.
The list on the right is the list of running apps.

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