New Galaxy Tab battery indicator not working right


Jan 23, 2011
Hi all,

I have been busy testing out my new galaxy tab (sprint version) I purchased on Friday from Best Buy. Everything is just as expected. Very responsive, portable, great to handle, fast wifi detection and connection. Apps are working smoothly. Kindle is working fine and now I enjoy reading my ebooks more because of the size of the screen (I also read my ebook on my droid 2 Global and fascinate).

But one thing that bothers me is that the battery indicator on the task bar is not working correctly. While my battery status in the setup menu shows correct percentage of juice left. The battery indicator on the task bar is not dropping at all. It always stays at 100% after it's fully charged. I tried to power the tab off and then turned it back on. Sometimes thge battery indicator updated some times it wouldn't.

I have Battery Widget downloaded from maket. I also had green power Battery saver (free) installed before. I suspected it might be the cause of the issue so I uninstalled it but the issue did not go away.

Does anyone experience the same problem? Anyone can shed some light on the issue? Why and how to resolve it? Possible an easrly sign of some serious problem with the battery? should I exchange it for a another one?

Thanks guys for your help.
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The battery indicator has 10% increments only, so its often not very accurate.

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Thanks for the reminder. I understand the indicator has 10% increment only but the issue here is that the indicator does not move at all.
Update: Things sorted out iteslf finally.

The battery indicator worked properly out of the box for about half day on the first day I purchased the tab. I installed the Green Power saver app(intend to set the automatic wifi on/off profile) that evening. After I fully charged the tab, the battery indicator then started it's funny behavior. It bascially stayed at full regardless the actual battery level. Powered off and on the tab multiple times and that did not help.

I uninstalled the Green Power saver (free version) 2 days ago. The indicator seemed to be back to work but still did not show the right battery level. I continued to use the tab (browsing, word, excel, game,, newspaper, kindle, DL/update apps etc.) indicator finally worked properly last night when the battery level is at around 50% confirmed with the status and battery widget. I did not charge it and continued to use the tab this morning for browsing and newspaper. Then I let it sit there without charging.

Now the Battery is at 33% on the status and battery widget, and the indicator is pretty much on spot now. I have no idea if it has anything to do with the Green power saver app. But I am glad that it's back to normal. I will continue evaluate the situation and post update here.
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