If the RIM/Blackberry Playbook ran Android Apps, would you buy it?


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Dec 15, 2009
There are rumors going around that the RIM/Blackberry Playbook may run Android apps. While that's cool, I'm wondering if that's even really a big deal.

RIM has stated that for data purposes (wireless) you'll need a Blackberry phone anyway.

So... I don't see a lot of Android fans still running Blackberry phones.

What are your thoughts?
Unless they have a proper way to deploy the applications such as Android Market, this feature is useless.
Well my eyes were venturing towards the Playbook anyway, but I agree with the above post. While it'll be "neat", it won't be very useful without a proper way to get all of those apps straight from the device. I wouldn't wanna look for endless amounts of APK. :p