Is the Blackberry Playbook Underrated?


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Mar 24, 2011
by Guest Posts | Saturday, 17th Mar 2012 |The Blackberry Playbook is a tablet from RIM that has received mixed reviews. Initially, the Playbook received a great deal of internet buzz only to be criticized industry publications. While some of the criticism is valid, such as the small and nondescript power button in the original models, much of the critiques have been unfair.


The Playbook is user friendly and very popular among consumers. It has a number of great features that make it among the best tablets on the market and is very much underrated by industry insiders. In addition, the $199 price for a Playbook makes it a great bargain among all of the currently available tablets. While there are other inexpensive tablets on the market, such as the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, the Playbook is every bit as good as these. These are the areas the Playbook has garnered unwarranted criticism as well as some of the ways it excels:

Some reviewers have complained that the Playbook is too small to be an optimally effective tablet, but I disagree. The Playbook is 0.9 pounds, which makes it lightweight and portable and an ideal travel device. Other tablets such as the iPad are far more cumbersome and difficult to carry and handle while traveling.
The power button of the original Playbook was small and difficult to use. It was flush against the top of the device and was very difficult to press. The user needed to add a lot of effort and pressure to activate the power button. The newer models of the Playbook have improved and resolved the original power button issues. The newer versions have a button that is raised, making it easier to push and activate.
Operating System
The Playbook uses the QNX OS. The QNX is a fast and efficient operating system. It has 1GB of RAM and up to 16, 32, or 64GB of internal storage. The RAM is around twice the speed of an iPad 2 and the QNX multitasks effortlessly. While the original system could not run Android based apps, RIM has been improving the newer versions so that you can run many, if not most, Android based apps on the current Playbook. Future updates will enable Playbook users to use all Android apps.
Internet Connection
The Playbook is integrated with Adobe Flash, which makes viewing Flash-based videos far easier than other tablets, such as the iPad. A Blackberry Smartphone and Playbook combination will give the user unlimited access to the internet, provided that the user has unlimited data play. The Blackberry Bridge will allow you to get access to your Smartphone’s email, calendar and contacts on your Playbook too. You will also be able to get general internet connection on your Playbook through Bluetooth. The combination of great internet connectivity as well as email access is equivalent or better than any other tablet on the market.
Battery Life
The battery life is solid and in the middle of the pack. One can easily get seven to ten hours from a fully charged battery. This is comparable to most tablets on the market though a little bit less than the iPad 2.
The keypad is a solid and functional keyboard. The letters are a nice size and are easy to maneuver from letter to letter. Since the numbers and other special keys are under the symbol key, searching for the number or punctuation mark you are looking for can be a laborious process.
The Playbook allows the user to record high definition videos and photographs. The videos are focused and sharp and overall quality is excellent. The photographs are clear, precise and attractive as well.
The Blackberry Playbook is a solid and functional tablet that offers all of the amenities that other tablets on the market do. The Playbook can deliver high speed internet and email capability through the Blackberry Bridge and Bluetooth and has a fast and efficient operating system. The Playbook can now offer Android apps, which was a key criticism about the earlier models. It is smaller, sleeker and more portable than the rest of the competition. It can also record videos in high definition as well as high quality photographs. The Playbook is simply an underrated tablet that the public should examine further before making their next tablet purchase.

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Jun 14, 2011
Yes, I completely Agree With Yo this is very popular among the consumers it is light weighted, Best OS With hardware, Wifi is Good and the battery time is great and best result of camera. it is completely a Good for all the users