Import MTS/M2TS files to iMovie for editing


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Nov 9, 2011
iMovie really should have the ability to import AVCHD files by selecting any device/folder via the import dialog box. This would allow users to select .mts and m2ts clips from local hard disk on Mac directly to do further editing. Apple seems always on the way to fix the problem, so users still need make efforts to turn their MTS clips from AVCHD cameras into editable files with iMovie, from iMovie’08, iMovie’09, to the newest iMovie’11.

If you directly import MTS clips from an AVCHD structure (from camcorder directly or copy the AVCHD folder to your hard drive), the importing would be more easily. The following screenshot shows how AVCHD folder looks like:

The .MTS files are in the “STREAM” folder. And “CLIPINF”, “PLAYLIST” and “STREAM” are subfolders of “BDMV”.


If you attempt to import some loose .mts files to iMovie, you will have no luck, because MTS clips are not supported by iMovie unless importing through AVCHD folder.

“My friend gave me some camera recordings, and the subject is another friend’s birthday party. I want to edit these clips in iMovie, afterwards upload it to YouTube for sharing with my friends. But now I have troubles when importing these .mts videos to iMovie’08. I cannot get anything to work for the .mts files stored on my hard drive. I was told to import files from the AVCHD file structure, but I don't have the actual camera to check, I have separate clips only. Has anyone successfully loaded the .mts movies into iMovie

Aunsoft MTS Converter for iMovie,a software tool that can import and convert various AVCHD files into formats compatible with iMovie, is what you need to resolve the problem. The MTS to iMovie Converter features a format preset “Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC)(*.mov)”, which is well compatible with iMovie and FCE, so you need not worry about too much quality loss during the conversion.

After the MTS to AIC MOV conversion, the clips can then be imported and edited using iMovie. Hope this helps.