Important Tablet Question


Dec 26, 2012
First off, I am new here so hello everyone. I am not new to forums, just this site, so I know my way around.

Let me give you a short background history about me real quick before I begin my question. I am an avid android user. I never was a huge fan of Apple, at least not after the first craze wore off when Apple was new and exciting. In my personal opinion, Apple is overpriced and over-hyped. Now, before you start thinking this is me trying to bash Apple, it's not. I have much respect for Apple and what they have accomplished, but it was never for me. I always felt I could get a better device even cheaper than I could an Apple device. You can do much more with Android.

Alright, well I decided to get into the tablet craze. I never was into it, but I don't have the means necessary to hook up a desktop or any console systems for that matter. So I own two iPod touch devices (one of them I received from the company I work for); an android phone (HTC One S, modded); and a Playstation Vita for my gaming experience. Not to mention my Compaq laptop. I have been through about five laptops the past two years, just because of a bunch of unlucky stuff happening to me. Well, now my current laptop's headphone jack has stopped working. My house is a bit crowded and so it is hard to watch videos and movies on my laptop without wearing headphones. I got tired of purchasing new laptops, so I decided to try a tablet.

My main reasons for wanting a tablet are to watch videos, tv shows, movies, sports highlights embedded in websites, full sports broadcasts, hulu/netflix, and to have a tablet that can be a replacement for my laptop. I know that isn't completely possible. However, I want to be able to view the desktop versions of sites on my tablet without having to wait twenty minutes to get it to work. Is that even possible with these tablets? It should be. The Nexus 10 has as much RAM as my laptop does, so why couldn't I view the full desktop sites fast? So please keep in mind before giving advice that I really want a tablet that will allow me to view websites with ease, and their full desktop sites if at all possible. It's just so that I don't have to pull out my bulky laptop every time I want to view a website without viewing the mobile version.

Alright, so now you know what I am looking for. I am pretty tech savvy, though not as much as some people. I am getting there, but I am still trying to learn processors and everything they mean. So I have narrowed down my research to two possible products. The Google Nexus 10 (not to be confused with the 7 inch), and the Apple iPad (4? I think it is).

My research has come up with the fact that the Nexus practically blows the iPad out of the water in most categories. It has a much better screen resolution, more pixels per inch as well, and it doubles the RAM of the iPad 2-1 GB. The processor can be argued, but they are two completely different processors. The iPad is running 1.2 GHz, dual-core, but with quad-core graphics. The Nexus is running 1.7 GHz, dual-core, apparently without quad-core graphics. I also watched a lot of reviews and things of that nature and found out that the iPad is SUPPOSED to be faster. Again, the world is basically controlled by Apple with Apple being the dictator so just because someone says it is doesn't mean it really is. Still, I have an open mind here. I won't be ashamed to have an iPad if it does what I need it to do. The one HUGE pro that the Apple has over the Nexus is the app store. Obviously, the app store is much more advanced and has a lot more tablet optimized apps than the Nexus. I mean we are talking about a HUGE gap, and if it weren't for that I would NOT be considering an Apple at all. But that is a big deal, because I also want to have a wide variety of apps. If the android is going to view desktop sites better and view videos in better quality, then I am willing to overlook the amount of apps. However, if it doesn't, or if they both do everything I need then I would go with apple for the simple fact that I have more apps to choose from.

So basically, my question is this - which tablet is best for ME? Is that even a question that can be answered? Again, I want the best video quality experience I can get on a tablet. I am not spending over $500 for it though. Sorry that I am bringing up Apple on an Android forums, but believe me I am only asking you guys because I trust Android users much more than Apple users. Android users really know their stuff and that is why I am here. Hopefully no one gets offended that I spoke so much about Apple, but I am just confused right now and trying hard to figure out what tablet is going to be best for me. Thank you for reading, and any help you provide. :).