In China, need help to find a tablet by tomorrow!


Nov 5, 2010
Sorry for the urgent thread, essentially I did my research before coming over to China where I am now (in Shenzhen) and went to the big electronic markets hoping to find a herotab, zenithink, haipad, heropad, coby, etc for cheap only to find the place is full of brands that I haven't even heard of. did not find one of the 100 stores I visited selling a china branded tablet I had heard of.

Now I'm heading back to Australia on Tuesday and want to find the tablet for me...those that are or have been to shenzhen may be able to assist...essentially I'm looking at spending $200 for a 7 to 10" tablet (size not really an issue as it will be used mostly at home) and hoping to get reliable wifi, a real 1ghz processor (or dual core would be nice), capacitive touch, 512mb ram minimum, gingerbread (honeycomb would be nice too).

If anyone knows where/what to get I'm ready...if someone knows a dealer here (or there's a dealer on here) just let me know the address and I'll catch the train to visit. China really is crazy crowded over here but I'll do it! I want to just come in and pick it up asap.

I am open to other brands as I've seen many great looking and fast tablets (should really have noted down the names) but have not bought as I'm concerned about support (not from manufacturers as I know that will be nil but from the community).

don't let my trip here be in vain :(
Bugger this one Mimi or something tablet is said to have a 1.5ghz CPU...specs are sketchy at best around here.

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