Installing Google Play on 7042 Freezing Solution (For me)


Aug 8, 2012
Well, So I had one 7042 which was a success. Using Steeve ROM, The one that has Gapps (can be found here ), the first one was perfect. But then, when I went to root the next one, Nothing good happened.. The freezing started... The tablet was completely unusable... Well, so, I really wanted GAPSS and no Tablet was going to stop me, and my solution (Which is working) is the following.

First of all, Install the Stock ROM offered by steeve from here:

Then after you download it (That one should work perfectly), Install the latest CWM offered by Vampirefo here:

Well, after all that is done, normal BOOT on your tablet. NORMAL. Download Goomanager and then download the latest Gapps for your phone.Just click "Download gapps" and you'll get a prompt to download the latest Gapps. Well, after thats done, just boot into recovery (Either use an app for it or by terminal), Install it in the "Update by zip" option

There you should have Google Play Store working (Though, not every app is compatible.. You can find your own way through that XD)

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Hope it helps someone!! :)
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Ok so, after using it for a while, I found that is quite stable, but the lack of apps is annoying. Would love if some of the developers would give me a solution since I cant seem to find one :)
Thanks in advance