Internal storage of 101


Jan 12, 2011
I was test driving a friend's 101 at work the other day and only glanced at the SD and Storage page of Settings. I do recall that he had only 100MB of available internal storage. I'm not sure how many apps he had installed, but it was easily more than 30. Does the 101 allocate a specific amount of the internal to apps, or is it only the Dalvik cache on that "partition". (My Aria has about 190 of internal and I'm using an EXT3 partition.)

Can I do an EXT3 partition on the SD card and will it install apps there? Can I do a simple Apps2SD app and move them if allowed by each app?


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Aug 6, 2010
Great questions all. Remember there are three types of Memory on the internals of the 101 (and most tablets)
RAM-To load the OS (256 Mb)
NAND-To hold the boot image and core apps (2Gb)
eMMC-To hold the storage of the data and other elements (8 or 16 Gb)
The 100Mb of storage is what is left after the OS is loaded from the NAND to the RAM. Archos has a really big OS footprint prior to loading the apps. The number of memory intensive apps will eat up space as well. Thus multiple widgets shrink th remaining 256Mb quickly.
There is no Swap in Android yet (at least on Archos)
Sooo, unfortunately the capability of multiple apps is limited to the remaining RAM. The sweet spot is about 50Mb or more. So you really have only about 50Mb
You could create an Ext3 partition but you can use Apps2SD on apps without needing Ext3 on the MicroSD card. I would suggest freeing up some of the memory by removing Fring or some of the other Services which you will not likely use.
This could be addressed by reallocation of RAM in future firmware, but right now, the issue is known and causes consternation among high app loaders.
In all honesty,most individuals do not need as many services/apps simulataneously loaded, but they do.