Into Tablets But Having Hard Time Finding One That Satisfies...


Feb 13, 2011
I have had a couple tablets but have yet to find one that really does it all, or even comes close. Need to be able to squash three or four into one and have it work... Samsung Galaxy Tab was nice but having to deal with an incompetent service provider just didn't make it stick around longer than 4 days. Took two weeks to get my money back. Ordered a Augen A7 for my wife, she is an avid reader and I thought that might help her save getting curved back syndrome. Gave it to her Christmas and so far the battery is charged, and continues to charge, and continues to charge...well you get the idea. Last week I ordered a Coby MID7015 for myself, kinda hoping to have it for the weekend until I noticed the outfit selling it is in NY. As of this weekend it is in Illinois, hope they have fun with it. From the specs of all the tabs I have read, this one seems to give the most for $150 and has some very good reviews. Then I noticed their MID1026, kinda wish I had noticed that before I ordered, sounds a lot better but at twice the price I guess I can wait, get to know the company first with the one in transit. Been in computers since 1974 when I built a Sinclair ZX80 (I think that was the model). Still have it in the filing cabinet in the office. Now I am too old to hold a screw driver so I am a user...aren't we all any more? Thanks...Bob