Aug 25, 2010
Well, I guess this is my first time giving an Intro, so here goes.

Name is Steven, I am a family man with 1 wife 4 kids, Which yes is much better than 4 wives and 1 kid. :p

I live in WA State and am going to school for my A.A.S degree in Information Technology, with my emphasis being in Computer forensics and Network Security.

My geek supplies consist of A droid 2 (rooted), gTab 10", Revue (GoogleTV), Lots of computers, Alienware desktop and laptop (11"), And my latest edition is a fatty 55" LED. :)

I like to network and tie all my things together, main reason for buying the gTab. I want to have it be a main control pad in my Kitchen on a wall mount that controls everything. :)

Well, suppose that all sums it.