Is there any customer support for the tablet?


Feb 4, 2011
I am about to throw this tablet out the window. I have spent hours over the last three days trying to resolve an issue. Everytime I call in they either disconnect me, transfer me to someone who has no idea how to use a tablet or, if I am somewhat lucky, I'll get through to level three who say they'll call me back. WORSE customer service ever - a total waste of my time.

I have bought two movies and two tv shows. One movie loaded (took 2 hours - is this normal) and the other three items don't load. The grey bar appears but nothing happens - no error message, just no action. The last level three guy, Peter, said he would have to get with media hub to see if the three items are corrupted - why sale something that is corrupted? How do I get media hub customer service? I feel like it's one big blow off. I am very disappointed in the product. It doesn't sync with netflix or hulu and the media hub obviously doesn't work.
I can not connect to the internet with my tablet, the message keeps saying that connecting and then goes to disconnect, what is going on? Is there a customer service phone number?
@ Lea & Zoe No one is going to be able to help without knowing what tablet you're talking about.